The ICA Congress is known for presenting some of the globe's experts in the gemstone industry and jewelry trade at large.

Jaipur, India is host to the 2017 ICA Congress and is proud to announce a carefully crafted agenda.

Congress Agenda

Day 0- 20th October 2017, Friday: Arrival & Registration of Golfers & Others

Day 1- 21st October 2017, Saturday: Registrations, Golf-Cricket & Inaugural Dinner

Scheduled tee off time: 7am (one round of 18 holes will be played - complimentary - breakfast served at the golf course) - there will be two (2) prizes! REGISTER HERE.

Scheduled cricket match to start: 9am (10 overs each side - complimentary - held at the hotel). REGISTER HERE.

Day 2- 22nd October 2017, Sunday: Business Session

Day 3- 23rd October 2017, Monday: Business Session

Day 4- 24th October 2017, Tuesday: Half Day Session & Board Meeting

Day 4- 24th October 2017, Tuesday: Gala Dinner



Reasons to Come to the Congress

Jaipur is India's second most important gems and jewelry exporting center and the first in sales to foreign tourists. With a history dating back to more than 280 years, the famed Indian Gems City of Jaipur is still a hot spot in Gems 'n' Jewelry

Jaipur is known for traditional Indian warmth and kind hospitality. You will relish the latest trending jewelry, hand crafted beautiful gemstones, handicrafts and architecture that have been part of our culture and heritage for centuries.

Jaipur is one of the most visited city by tourists for its forts, royalty and architecture.

The city's heritage status and proximity to the national capital New Delhi have attracted people from far and wide. All of the city is a magnificent gem, so be it a cultural procession, weddings, sound of gem cutting traditional factories or a simple walk around the streets of the old city.

The speakers featuring in the congress will cover the most recent and important developments in international trade scenario. We are sure that each one of us always wishes to feel the pulse of global markets and trends.

There are special programs planned and designed for spouses and younger ones that they will enjoy and will be very happy to be a part of such a magnificent event.

About Us

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