Jaipur, the "Pink City", is one of India's most sought after destinations, especially for the gem enthusiasts.

The city owes it's pink hue to the trademark building color found in its ancient architecture. The City Palace complex, a royal residence, is one of its most opulent buildings amidst the vast grid of the city's structure.

Jaipur is a world wide destination for everything related to the jewelry industry. It's economy relies heavily on gemstone cutting and the manufacturing of jewelry. It is also a major hub for crafts and artisan initiatives fueled by the growing tourist flow.

Major tourist destination are within reach of Jaipur, such as forts, palaces and many more attractions.

Right before the Congress, the famous Diwali Festival, or "Festival of Lights", is beautifully displayed and enjoyed around the city. This is just one of the many events organized for the Congress. Below there is more information.

The events preceding and following the Congress:
One Day Jaipur Sight Seeing
One Day Agra Sight Seeing ( 245 Km from Jaipur)
One Day Ajmer Pushkar Sight Seeing ( 145 Km from Jaipur)
Two Day Tiger Safari Ranthambore ( 180 km from Jaipur)
Visit to Gems & Jewelry Industrial Zone ( 25th October)
Palace On Wheels Tour ( Starts 11th October 2017 for 7 nights 8 Days from Delhi)

Other Events Related to Diwali Prior to Congress :
There can be events related to 'Diwali' -The Festival of Lights, which could include the following:

City tour in an open bus or car showing the beautifully lit pink city of Jaipur.

Exclusive sit down dinner at the City Palace overlooking the lit palace.

Witness the sky light up with fireworks with an exclusive dinner at 'Padao', Nahargarh fort.

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