Jaipur 1 Day Tour and Itinerary

Jaipur is a charismatic and historical city that provides a range of unique and fascination activities and attractions. Jaipur typically requires two or three days to fully explore but unfortunately time pressures or other external factors may only allow for a single day to discover the city. This guide has been written to provide a suggested itinerary for a 1 day visit to Jaipur, which will include only the most popular and best sections of the city.

Getting Started

The day will be divided into two parts; the first section visits the city centre of Jaipur and the second part travels to the Amer fort and the JalMahal. If you wish to ride an elephant up to Amer fort then the palace must be visited in the morning, as the elephants can only perform a set number of trips per day. The second section of the day (Amer fort) requires a taxi or rickshaw, as is 8km outside of the city centre.

Quick Overview

Morning - Jaipur city and visiting:
• City Palace
• The HawaMahal (palace of winds)
• JantarMantar
• The pink city walls

Afternoon - Around Jaipur
• Amer Fort
• JalMahal (Water Palace)
• Sunset at Surya Mandir (Sun Temple)

Detailed Itinerary

Jaipur 1 day Itinerary – Morning

For the morning itinerary, it is suggested to exploring the historic centre of Jaipur, which is often referred to as the Pink City. Jaipur is a chaotic mix of sights, sounds and smells, all of this can be very draining for visitors new to India especially when combined with the intense heat of the dry season. Thankfully all of the main tourist sights are close together and Jaipur follows a grid/block layout so is simple to navigate. Highlights of the morning include:

The magnificent City Palace, which is the home of the Maharaja. This sprawling complex comprises of grand state rooms, interesting museums and decorative gates. The museum rooms haves displays ranging from historic art through to armoury - there is a lot to see in the palace so expect to expend between 1-2 hours here.
The City Palace of Jaipur

The HawaMahal, a multi windowed, lattice like façade of the City Palace which is best viewed from the Siredeori Bazaar. From the small windows the wives of the Maharaja could spy daily life without being seen by the commoners. The lattice work played another useful feature as it channelled up the cooler air and provided a constant breeze in the state rooms, hence the name of the Place of the winds. It does not take long to view the HawaMahal as only the exterior is worthy of a visit.
The Pink City Walls of Jaipur

While walking between the city Palace, the HawaMahal and the JantarMantar take time to view the city walls and ornate city gates. All of the buildings within this central district are painted a uniform terracotta pink colour, which represent power and welcoming.
The HawaMahal, Palace of Winds

The JantarMantar is the third sight of the morning and should only be visited if there is sufficient time. The JantarMantarare a series of astronomical instruments used by the Mogul’s to predict the future. The stand out feature is the world’s largest sun dial, where the actual movement of the sun can be seen (6cm per minute at midday)

Jaipur 1 day itinerary - Afternoon

The Amer Fort is one of the most import fortifications in Rajasthan and combines impenetrable defences with intricate marble detail. The fort clings to the sides of the steep hill and provides commanding views over the entire region while inside are sumptuous rooms and symmetrical gardens. The Amer for is the highlight of Jaipur and sufficient time should be provided to explore this wonderful palace. The fort is 7km north of Jaipur and an auto rickshaw or taxi is required for the journey from the centre of Jaipur.
The beautiful JalMahal

On the return from Amer fort stop to view the JalMahal, the water palace. The palace was constructed as a duck hunting lodge by the Maharaja in the 18th century and appears to be floating on the still waters of Lake Sagar. The palace can only be viewed from the banks of the lake so only takes around 20 minutes to view.

The stunning Amber Fort complex

The final suggestion for the afternoon is watching the sunset over Jaipur from the Sun Temple (Surya Mandir). The location of the temple provides panoramic views of Jaipur and on a clear day the city is bathed in golden by the setting sun, and there are monkeys to feed!
Rates & Bookings:

Please contact Somya at icacongress2017 (at) gmail.com to book the tour.

4 Passenger car tour US$40 (price per vehicle)

6 Passenger van tour US$55 (price per vehicle)

1.       Above rates are all incl. like toll-tax, tax, parking and local use for full day 12 hrs/ 120 km.
2.       Tickets for monuments and/or parks is not included.
3.       Service Tax 9 % on transport service is extra.

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